The SAR Story

Founded 2005

“I wanted change, I just didn’t know how.”

Self Awareness & recovery

In 2015, SAR celebrated their ten year anniversary at Chowchilla Valley State Prison. This short video shows the leadership, heart, and transformation that is achieved when people have the space and support to heal old wounds and learn tools that recover, transform and thrive.

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Our Philosophy

From Trauma to Transformation

Four Stage Model of Transformation:

​The long-term effects of trauma in an individual, in a family, and in a community can be extremely detrimental to health outcomes and quality of life. Many young people on our communities come from childhoods filled with neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse, gang-related neighborhood violence, and social fragmentation. They have not been able to gain the perspective or social-emotional skills to heal from this trauma without guidance from positive adult role models. Young people and adults alike can fall into a cycle of violence that can destroy their health and livelihoods and last generations if not properly addressed and understood. By being able to identify the center of a person’s trauma, they can begin to understand and allow the healing process to transform their lives and thus their health.

The SAR Prayer

Gracious Creator may your love and mercy always be upon us. May your wisdom open up our minds to help us discover our deeply rooted wounds so that we don’t live in blindness or impose our negative views and pain on others. May your compassion and love be forever embedded in our hearts so that we can spread the message of love, truth and healing to our peers. May you give us a spirit of peace and self- control so that we can become living examples of your love and mercy. Give us strength to defeat all temptations, impulses of anger and false beliefs that are triggered by our selfish egos. Keep us from gossiping and abusing others with our words, taking petty things personally and making assumptions about the things that we do not know. Gracious Creator, we ask that you guide us through the path that leads to: Admission of our wrongs, Awareness of our problems and Transformation of our lives by maintaining Recovery in our personal lives. Amen.