The SAR Model

From Trauma to Transformation

The SAR Model of Transformation

A 12 week workshop designed to help the emotionally broken human being to begin to heal from negative and traumatic experiences that led to dysfunctional behavior patterns and a destructive lifestyle. SAR also provides facilitator training for anyone interested.

Houses of Healing

A journey a personal growth, a very powerful improvement curriculum that will teach you how to heal and reconnect back to the core-self and give you the skills to help the youth and others in the community. This workshop will reinforce your belief that people can change and become productive members of society .

The Four Agreements

A 12 week workshop and practical guide to personal freedom and a code of conduct to live by. These agreements are ancient toltec wisdom that teaches participants to manage their lives by mastering awareness over their perception in life.

Gang Intervention/ Self- Esteem Building

12 week program designed to help participants deal with gang and criminal issues that led to criminal behaviors, incarceration and victimization. It will also give the skills in self- esteem building and positive leadership.

Power Source

Speaks to the heart of issues facing youthful offenders and at-risk youth. Evidence based teachings by Author Bethany Casarjian. It gives them the tools and guidance they need to make choices in their troubled lives. This is a resource that I have provided to my SAR staff, interns and volunteers to use as a core curriculum. Simply this book and workshops needs to be mandatory reading for young people to heal.

Youth Pop Ups

SAR on the Journey